— Creative Director & Designer

Sustainability Is The New Luxury


The Company Codes of Conduct

Gayané Isakhanyan, an Armenian-born, Moscow raised who has adopted the Parisian lifestyle.

As a Marangoni graduate, she worked at Parisian fashion ateliers and volunteered in African factories. With her multicultural background, she has developed a global vision of the world.

Inspired by unparalleled French artisanal “savoir-faire & cultural heritage” she envisions democratizing prices internationally to offer her clients the true touch and sensation of luxury and craftsmanship.

Following the rules of Fair Trade & sustainability with respect to environment and labor laws against modern slavery and child labor, Gaya has chosen to produce all garments exclusively in France in an atelier that corresponds to her ethical standards and values.

The ‘‘Made in France’’ label is not an accessory for the seduction of the customer, but rather incorporating ethical codes and principles of GAYAISAK to show the real quality and spirit of luxury that uniquely exists in France, perfectly matching with environmental and social responsibilities that Gaya stands for.

The business, production, and distribution methods are eco-conscientious from A to Z: the company ensures and encourages Fairtrade and urges investments in the supply chain for local artisanal in Africa, India, Eastern Asia and less developed countries.

Our goal is to donate a percentage of each sale to a charity for construction of schools and education of kids in less developed countries. In the today’s world, we are all one and we believe firmly when possible you should lend a hand to make it a better place to live in.

Our Women

Gaya’s vision stands for an ideology of empowered women in the society while exposing their vulnerability. She tries to capture her philosophy by translating these characteristics & qualities into her designs.

“Kinky yet Elegant

Sensitive & Empowering”